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     Help myself to a better

justice system by: Helping

The Honest Judge Amendment

get on the ballot!

 ___ Download and print 


 ___ Obtain 1-24 signatures

 ___ Get notarized

 ___ Mail to: The Judicial

          Integrity Project

Help us help you. 

Ensuring justice for all is a work in progress.

Judges are public servants.  Then why do you know so little about a judge when you go to the voting booth?  Colorado law currently requires a veil of secrecy.

You're being kept in the dark about judges.  The checks and balances in our government are not working.  How do we correct the problem?  By changing the law.

Colorado ranks 22nd in U.S. population, but in the discipline of judges Colorado ranks 48th.  Why?  Colorado's judicial discipline system is filled with conflicts of interest.




Improving the justice system is our only priority.